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PLUS Automation For Doors

Not Just For Garage Doors Anymore!

Unlike automatic garage door openers, the Doors In Motion technology is smooth, quiet, and downright cool! Imagine the possibilities if the backside of your home opened up at the push of a button!

Panel by panel this wall of glass doors opens and allows the fresh air to come inside! Reveal the great outdoors whether you have a few doors or up to 10!

Turn Doors & Windows Into Moving Works of Art!

Adaptable to most multi-sliding window and door applications, the Doors In Motion automation system integrates with nearly all brands of windows & doors. Easy installation for new construction & retrofit… whether you have a straight system, a curved system, or a multi-sliding series of doors with double corners. It’s all possible!

OR Automation For Windows

It Opens Like Magic!

Automation is within your reach! Especially designed for multi-panel sliding doors and windows, the Doors In Motion automation system can be incorporated into any system with 3/4″ head clearance. Imagine the possibilities!

Open up your sliding windows with a touch of a button!
Reveal your serving counter to the excitement of your family or guests!

With a touch of your finger, you can operate your automation system with a wireless remote or a wireless multi-button wall switch (which is the size of a standard wall switch in your home). You can use a phone app to control your doors or windows, or the automation system is Smart Home Compatible, too.

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